Small Biz Builder offers a range of services designed to empower small businesses at every stage of their journey. From business creation to ongoing support and resources, we’re here to help you succeed.

Small Biz Create

Business Creation

Start your entrepreneurial journey with confidence. Our Small Biz Create service offers comprehensive business creation support, including LLC Articles of Incorporation and obtaining an EIN number. For a fee of $100 plus state filing fees, we’ll guide you through the process and ensure you’re set up for success.

Small Biz Mentor

Mentorship Program

Connect with experienced mentors or become a mentor yourself through our Small Biz Mentor program. This FREE mentorship program allows businesses to apply to be mentors or mentees, fostering a supportive community where knowledge and experience are shared for mutual growth.

Small Biz Bookkeeping

Affordable Bookkeeping Services

Keep your finances in order with our affordable bookkeeping services. For just $25 per hour, we’ll assign a dedicated bookkeeper to your business, providing personalized support to help you manage your finances effectively.

Small Biz Templates

Operational and Legal Tools

Access a library of operational and legal templates drafted and reviewed by professionals. From business plans to legal agreements, our SmallBiz Templates offer the essential tools you need to streamline your operations and protect your business.

Explore our services and take the next step towards building a successful, thriving business.


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